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author:09038010855   10 Oct 2017 11:30
Phone Number:1-701-247-4051  Tehran Tehran,IR
author:anonymous   03 Oct 2017 20:42
Phone Number:1-862-207-8527  Michigan Ann Arbor,US
author:anonymous   03 Oct 2017 20:36
Phone Number:1-862-207-8527  Michigan Ann Arbor,US
author:pinscjs   02 Oct 2017 05:17
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:jeoupotss   02 Oct 2017 03:51
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:bodxsmucp   02 Oct 2017 03:47
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:atdjwbvuvmk   02 Oct 2017 00:57
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:qsmmfadt   13 Sep 2017 02:10
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:wkkprmteb   12 Sep 2017 23:41
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
  CHRSEt <a href="">wxofdntvekxt</a>, [url=]gesovatnsnru[/url], [link=]tteilgmxwtnv[/link],
author:dyzolcde   12 Sep 2017 21:07
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
  yuVg7w <a href="">ooeounvjvdad</a>, [url=]habjdlgvxzgt[/url], [link=]mdsymgsnucmd[/link],
author:gesplavl   12 Sep 2017 19:34
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
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author:anonymous   10 Sep 2017 04:01
Phone Number:1-775-790-4017  California Los Angeles,US
author:JimmiNu   09 Sep 2017 15:04
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  Saint Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg,RU
author:anonymous   09 Sep 2017 06:31
Phone Number:1-877-714-9640  Yangon Region Yangon,MM
author:anonymous   02 Aug 2017 08:31
Phone Number:1-929-500-1957  New York New York,US
author:anonymous   27 Jul 2017 12:00
Phone Number:1-877-714-9640  Yangon Region Yangon,MM
author:anonymous   26 Jul 2017 20:59
Phone Number:1-405-251-9219  Oklahoma Stillwater,US
author:anonymous   25 Jul 2017 11:30
Phone Number:1-424-672-3365  Michigan Southfield,US
author:strnguy   20 Jul 2017 20:40
Phone Number:1-334-333-8531  Alabama Montgomery,US
  Have received several calls from this number and other numbers with 334-333-.... These tend to be scammers using your local area code and prefix to entice you to answer. I NEVER answer any number not in my contact list. I will place it on auto block and if they call again it goes straight to voice mail. Only way I know they called is it will show up on my call log. If important they will leave a message.
author:anonymous   11 Jul 2017 19:23
Phone Number:1-774-549-8599  Minnesota Saint Cloud,US
  They wanted to buy my $1000 Craigslist item with a bank check and have their people pick it up even though the phone comes back over 1500 miles away. When I said usps check only they were not interested anymore.
author:anonymous   30 Jun 2017 12:27
Phone Number:1-334-333-9716  Alabama Montgomery,US
  Another scammer which thinks they are slick by spoofing a local number on the same network as yours thinking you will answer. Have received several calls this week with different ending numbers but never leaving a message along with area code 205. If you don't know the number reject it and never hit a number to get off some list. Once you hit a number they know it is a live number and you will get even more scam calls.
author:anonymous   29 Jun 2017 03:55
Phone Number:1-442-281-6795  District of Columbia Washington,US
author:anonymous   26 Jun 2017 21:54
Phone Number:1-321-888-2526  New York New York,US
author:anonymous   19 Jun 2017 12:18
Phone Number:1-862-207-8527  Indiana Indianapolis,US
  They called claiming to be mega millions and that the elderly phone owner won 3.2 billion dollars, a Mercedes, and tons of other prizes. They claimed to be from Washington State with a New Jersey number. He was obviously foreign. His voice mail said the same name as the one he gave which is James Douglas. Nothing else seemed to check out.
author:anonymous   21 May 2017 09:02
Phone Number:1-980-209-7659  Florida Orlando,US
author:lisa   06 May 2017 10:39
Phone Number:1-234-218-2179  Washington Seattle,US
  234-218-2179 is craigslist spam scam
text or call you
author:anonymous   12 Apr 2017 07:36
Phone Number:1-402-952-3101  Bayern Nürnberg,DE
  Teleport Communications America
author:Mecklenburg   03 Apr 2017 22:34
Phone Number:1-704-247-2958  서울특별시 Seoul,KR
  Find Who owns this number
author:Public Records Online   03 Apr 2017 22:31
Phone Number:1-402-952-2732  서울특별시 Seoul,KR
  Public Records Online
author:fake   28 Mar 2017 23:42
Phone Number:1-701-247-4051  서울특별시 Seoul,KR
  fake caller